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Richard Nelson LLP’s Social Worker Solicitors have years of experience of representing social workers, both in the old regime before the HCPC and under the current regulator, Social Work England.


Specialists in Social Work England fitness to practise cases

Fitness to practise issues for social workers arise out of allegations of misconduct, lack of competence, criminal conviction or caution, serious ill health or not having the necessary knowledge of English. Social workers face a variety of concerns such as inadequate record keeping, breaching professional boundaries, or breaching confidentiality.

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I write this review completely overwhelmed that my 3.5 year Social Work England (SWE) investigation is now behind me and the right action was taken by SWE leaving me able to practise as a social worker with no restrictions and not requiring a hearing. If you're reading this I know... your pain and struggle. I was there. I was at a low point and my life was put on hold for a long time and I was losing faith. It impacted on my confidence and my family. Like me you have worked so hard for your career that you are passionate about and you have to use every power and resource you have to get the right outcome. You will regret it if you don't try. Victoria Rees got the right outcome for me and helped me put across a strong case with layers of evidence. I know if you put your trust in her and work together she will work hard to get the best outcome for you. Don't leave it to chance, don't give up and don't do it alone. You've worked too hard to train and work at your chosen career. Put your trust in Victoria Rees and you will give yourself the best chance of getting the best outcome.

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Social Work England investigations

On receipt of a complaint, Social Work England will triage complaints and identify those that raise concerns about a social worker’s fitness to practise which are sufficiently serious enough to merit an investigation.

Social Work England will initially write to a social worker to notify them about the concerns that they are investigating, inviting them to respond to the concerns and to provide them with details of the social worker’s employer.

It typically takes 6-12 months for the investigation stage to be completed. We always advise a social worker to take legal advice on receipt of a letter from Social Work England stating that they are under an investigation. Taking early advice will enable us to protect your interests from the outset and ensure that you have the right support in place.

Advice for responding to Social Work England

Once Social Work England has completed their investigation, they will provide the social worker with their investigation report and will allow the social worker time to submit a written response to the allegations. If a social worker has not yet received legal advice but is in receipt of a letter of this nature from Social Work England, we would definitely encourage them to contact us as soon as possible. The wording of a written response will almost certainly impact the outcome of the investigation. It is essential to get objective and experienced legal help when preparing a written response for Social Work England, to give the social worker the best possible chance of persuading Social Work England that the case does not need to proceed any further.

Social Work England will then review the written response and allocate the case, to case examiners. The case examiners will then decide if there is a realistic prospect that the concerns could be proven, and if so, if the social worker’s fitness to practise could be impaired and therefore whether it is in the public interest to hold a hearing. Case examiners can decide to:

  • close the case;
  • refer the social worker to a hearing;
  • or offer the social worker an accepted disposal outcome, which resolves the case without the need for a hearing.

In our experience, Social Work England are usually willing to consider using the accepted disposal process, which avoids the need for a hearing. Accepted disposal outcomes include: no further action, advice, a written warning, conditions of practice or a suspension for a specified time.

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Legal representation for a hearing

If the allegation is not accepted by the social worker, or the allegation is at the serious end of the spectrum, then a hearing will take place. At a hearing, the same sanctions are available to the Panel that the case examiners have; with the additional sanction available to them of removing a social worker from the register. Removal is a sanction reserved for the most serious of cases.

At all stages of the fitness to practise process, it is important for social workers to take independent objective legal advice about the allegations. Our experience of representing social workers in fitness to practise matters, means that we can guide you through the process, assisting you to obtain the best possible outcome. With the right preparation and representation, it is possible in many cases to persuade a fitness to practise panel that you should be allowed to remain on the register, and to limit any sanctions imposed on your practice.

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