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Our experienced SRA Solicitors regularly make a significant difference to other lawyers and firms who are under SRA investigation.


Richard Nelson LLP’s SRA Lawyers

The SRA Solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP have decades of experience in advising and representing solicitors facing SRA investigations. We are founder members of the Lawyers Defence Group, which also provides guidance to hundreds of firms through its newsletters.

Our SRA lawyers provide expert legal and practical advice to solicitors. We not only draw from their experience of defending solicitors before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (“SDT”), but on our own management and professional experience. Our SRA Solicitors have experience ranging between operating as a sole practitioner, managing a 1-5 partner firm, through to managing a large firm with hundreds of lawyers. We understand the strains on solicitors and will work tirelessly to protect you, your practice and your reputation.

As Solicitors ourselves, we recognise the stresses and strains placed on solicitors by modern day practice.

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At Nottingham-based law firm Richard Nelson LLP, senior partner Richard Nelson and Cardiff-based Steve Roberts specialise in SRA defence work; Nelson is frequently instructed in large SRA investigations, particularly those with an element of fraud or involving complex financial transactions.

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What our SRA solicitors do

The SRA lawyers at Richard Nelson LLP offer advice on all aspects of the regulation of solicitors including (for more information on the services we offer, follow the links to the right):

- SRA Investigations
- Advice and representation for SRA interviews
- SDT Proceedings
- SRA Interventions
- Voluntary closures;
- Firm Authorisation
- Admission to the Roll of Solicitors
- Restoration to the Roll of Solicitors
- SDT Appeals
- Assistenace when the SRA seeks to impose a section 43 order
- Assistance with a section 44b notice

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Examples of how our SRA Solicitors can help

Examples of some of our SRA lawyers we have helped recently include:

Making successful representations to the SRA that a firm who had received a notice of intervention should not be intervened;

– Persuading the SRA to enter into a Regulatory Settlement Agreement rather than proceed with their referral to the SDT;
– Reaching an Agreed Outcome of a Reprimand in respect of a high profile individual facing proceedings before the SDT;
– Assisting Firms in making their successful applications for Firm Based Authorisation;
– Responding to SRA investigations on behalf of clients resulting in no action being taken by the SRA.
– Representing Respondents before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

SRA services

Our experienced SRA Solicitors regularly make a significant difference to other lawyers and firms who are under SRA investigation or who need regulatory advice on the following areas:

SRA Investigations
– Responding to s.44B Notices
– Representation at interviews
– Representations to adjudicators
Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) Proceedings
Defending Allegations of Dishonesty
– Voluntary Closures
– Defending applications under s.43
SRA Authorisation
Admission to the Roll of Solicitors
Restoration to the Roll of Solicitors
SDT Appeals

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