Louise O’Driscoll


Education experience

Louise O’Driscoll has been a solicitor for over 15 years. Her background is as a criminal solicitor and her advocacy and analytical skills are put to excellent use in this field. She is confident at drafting written submissions as well as delivering a logical, clear and concise argument in person. Louise has a wealth of experience with all aspects of education law as set out below:

Her clients are grateful for the caring and professional way she deals with their case from start to finish.

Criminal defence experience

Louise O’Driscoll qualified in 2005 and has worked in Nottingham and Leicester. She has over 15 years of experience at the police station, Magistrates Court and Crown Court. Her clients have taken her as far afield as China when she represented a University student accused of kidnapping. Louise has run her own department at a high street firm and worked for a large national firm before starting with Richard Nelsons in 2020.

Louise has extensive experience covering road traffic cases, drugs, violent offences, and sex offences along with regulatory matters such as Health and Safety and Trading standards prosecutions. She is quick to assess strengths and weaknesses in a case and provides sound practical advice to achieve the best outcome for the client. Client’s praise Louise for her professional manner and approach as well as being a genuine support to them during difficult times.