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Our FCA Lawyers can advise you and your business in FCA Investigations. The team has experience dealing with the Financial Conduct Authority and will work will you to secure the best possible result.

The Bank of England has taken over the responsibility of regulating most of the financial services industry and is responsible for the Financial Conduct Authority, or FCA, and the investigation of a wide variety of criminal offences and regulatory issues.

When the FSA (Financial Services Agency) was abolished in 2013 many of its functions transferred to the FCA, which deals with the conduct of firms, corporations and companies involved with financial services.

Our FCA Lawyers come alongside businesses that have been notified of an FCA Investigation, working with you at every stage of the process to ensure the best outcome.

Authorisation, Exemption and Permissions

Our FCA Lawyers will provide specialist legal advice in the event that you think your firm needs to be authorised.

Under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) it is a firm’s responsibility to assess its own activity and to seek clarification from the FCA as to whether it should be authorised. This responsibility must not be ignored by directors and officers as failure to address authorisation is a criminal offence carrying a prison sentence and other sanctions. The FCA will only refer any enquiries to their handbook, they will not advise a company directly.

Our FCA Lawyers can help to assess the position and initiate communication with the Regulator on your behalf if you find the FCA has placed, or intends to place your firm under an authorisation regime and you disagree with their view of your activities.

Criminal Issues in FCA Investigations

The offences that the FCA prosecutes through criminal courts carry varying penalties depending on the type of offence and can include substantial prison sentences and financial orders for those convicted. An FCA Investigation can cover a wide range of criminal matters including:

If the FCA has begun a criminal investigation or issued proceedings against you, then you should get in touch with us to get immediate legal advice from one of our specialist lawyers.

FCA Investigations into Regulatory Issues

The FCA regulates the financial services industry and can bring disciplinary proceedings against authorised firms. In relation to regulatory breaches, the FCA has the power to:

The first step in the disciplinary procedure is usually a warning notice, which allows you various opportunities to make representations to the Regulatory Decisions Committee.

The FCA can then request firms to provide them with information and/or explanations concerning documentary material as well as requiring documents to be provided to them. In many circumstances, they try to proceed on a consensual basis with those they are investigating. However, in some circumstances, the interviews that they conduct will be interviews under caution. Any actions taken by the Regulatory Decisions Committee (RDC) of the FCA as a result of this process can be appealed to the Financial Services and Markets Tribunal.

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We can provide expert advice to you and your business in relation to FCA Investigations and regulatory matters including:

  • FCA authorisation, exemption and permissions
  • Money laundering
  • Misleading or obstructing an FCA investigation
  • Boiler room schemes
  • Insider dealing
  • Disciplinary proceedings

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