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Richard Nelson LLP‘s expert solicitors help nurses and midwives achieve the right result from their NMC registration application. Find out more about the process below and contact us to discuss your application.

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Background information

All nurses and midwives wanting to practise in the UK must obtain NMC registration.

‘Nurse’ and ‘Midwife’ are both protected titles, which means that it is a criminal offence for anyone to claim to be a nurse or midwife in the UK without being on the NMC’s register.

There are three main routes to registration, depending on a nurse or midwife’s nationality, the country in which they obtained their qualification, any EC rights held and the nature and extent of post graduate experience.

The three routes to registration are set out below.

1) UK Graduates
You can apply for registration with the NMC as a nurse or midwife if you have obtained the appropriate qualifications from a UK university. All registered nurses trained in the UK will have completed a pre-registration nursing programme and will have met the NMC’s requirements of good health and good character. All registered midwives will have completed a midwifery programme of education and will have also met the NMC’s requirements of good health and good character.

2) Trained in Europe
This route applies to the following:

The NMC will expect applicants to have an appropriate qualification and be registered or be eligible for registration as a nurse or midwife in their Member State. The applicant will need to have a certificate of good standing from their professional authority which confirms their registration and they will need to have completed minimum training requirements.

If your qualification does not meet the standards set for automatic registration, your application may still be considered, but you may need to pursue a course known as Acquired Rights and may need to undertake an Adaptation Period and pass an Aptitude Test.

For those following this route to registration, the NMC cannot require evidence of an applicant’s ability to communicate in English, but it is essential that applicants have sufficient knowledge of English to be able to practise safely and a failure in this regard may led to a fitness to practise investigation.

When assessing any application for registration the NMC will also consider an applicant’s fitness to practise in general terms.

3. Trained Outside Europe
If you qualified as a nurse or midwife outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) or are a non-EEA national with an EEA nursing or midwifery qualification (other than from the UK) then you may apply for registration with the NMC if you have at least 12 months experience. All practising nurses and midwives in the UK need to communicate effectively and clearly in English. You will, therefore, need to meet the NMC English language requirements, having a score of at least 7 in IELTS (International English Language Test).

The NMC will assess your training programme against the relevant UK educational requirements. They will require a transcript of your training, setting out the number of hours of theoretical and clinical studies and the number of deliveries if you are a midwife.

To successfully apply for registration you will need to have passed an Overseas Nursing Programme or Adaptation to Midwifery Programme.

As well as having the appropriate qualifications, the NMC will also generally consider if they regard an applicant as being fit to practise before granting registration.

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