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Richard Nelson LLP’s probate solicitors can help you through the process of estate administration for your loved ones, making the process as straightforward as possible for you.

Help with the first steps following a death

We can help you from the earliest point if you’re confused and unsure what first steps to take following the individual’s death. Our probate solicitors will advise you on the practicalities that you need to address first, such as registering the individual’s death, establishing whether or not they left a will, and securing their property.

Free initial phone consultation

You can get in touch with our probate solicitors for a free initial phone consultation, which gives you the opportunity to talk through your circumstances with us and identify the best next steps. You can then decide, free of obligation, whether you would like us to continue to help you.

Did the individual leave a will?

One of the first things you’ll need following the death of a loved one is the legal right to deal with their property, money and possessions. If they left a will, their executors usually need to obtain a Grant of probate to gain access to their assets, which will then allow them to be distributed according to the wishes in the person’s will.

What is the role of an executor?

The executor’s role is to manage the estate of the deceased. Their responsibilities include realising the assets of the individual (which simply means converting them to cash) and settling any outstanding liabilities that they had. They can then distribute the remaining assets to the beneficiaries in the will, according to the wishes of the Testator.

It is the legal right of the executors to sell, encash or transfer the assets of the deceased. They will need to use the proceeds of the estate to settle any charges such as inheritance tax and outstanding debts and liabilities, along with funeral expenses.

What happens if the deceased didn’t leave a will?

If the individual died without leaving a will, they are referred to as ‘Intestate’. This means that the Intestacy rules apply which dictate how to distribute their Estate. One important step is that someone must apply to the Probate Registry to obtain authority to administer the estate known as ‘Letters of Administration’.

Help with the estate administration process

Estate administration can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you’ve never had to do it before and you’re still coming to terms with your loss. Our probate solicitors help you to understand the process and provide expertise to deal with the practicalities.

We’re on hand to make sure that any complications arising from the death can be dealt with, whether or not the individual left a will. We can also advise on inheritance tax and how to minimise liability with IHT exemptions and relief. At all times, we will work with compassion and make sure that any inconvenience you experience during the process is minimal.

Our probate solicitors can assist you to apply for the Grant of Probate to enable you to adminsiter the Estate and handle any paperwork that comes in from HMRC, collect any assets, oversee liability payment and help to prepare the Estate’s accounts for their distribution to beneficiaries.

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We’re here to support you through a difficult time. You can rely on us to help as much as we can and to ensure that our expertise achieves the smooth administration of the Estate. You’ll have peace of mind throughout, knowing that we’re here when you need us. Get in touch for your free consultation today.

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