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Richard Nelson LLP’s solicitors are experts when it comes to wills. We’re here to ensure that your loved ones benefit from your assets in the precise way that you intend. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for your free initial call to discuss making a new will or reviewing your existing document.


Wills for Individuals

Our will solicitors can help any individual to make a will, whatever their situation. Every individual, no matter their age or circumstances, should have a will. Creating a will provides certainty, clarity and control regarding what will happen to your assets and personal belongings when you die and ensure other wishes are carried out as you plan.

It’s a common misconception that it’s only worth making one later in life. If you have never made a will before, we urge you to consider it as soon as possible. We understand that complications in family life and relationships can make it difficult to know where to start, but enlisting the help of one of our will solicitors will help you to clarify your thoughts, understand your options and smooth out the process.

If you die without a Will, the Intestacy Rules will apply. These regulations may mean those you love or the organisations you care about will not be provided for as you would wish.

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Is Making A Will Complicated?

No, making a will is usually quite straightforward. Our will solicitors have experience making wills for people at every stage of life and in every type of relationship, including unmarried people, divorcees and those with blended families.

Working with a solicitor also means that we can help you to structure your will to achieve certainty, clarity and control over your Estate when you die. We can advise you on what provisions to include and how to frame suitable provision for beneficiaries. We can also guide you when sensitive or difficult issues arise which may otherwise feel overwhelming when planning for the future.

Free Initial Will Consultation

Making a will is fairly simple, though it’s easy to be put off by all the legal jargon. Will solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP are here to help you, not to make your life difficult. We spend time getting to know you and listen carefully to what you value, find important or worries you, so that when given, our advice is specific to you and your situation.

Your first consultation with us is free, allowing the process to start off smoothly. It lets you know that you’ll have the chance to speak to a solicitor with no strings attached, and gives us the chance to understand your circumstances. After this call, you can decide if you would like us to help you further.

From the outset, we’ll take some initial details from you about your situation and talk about your current ideas for what you want to happen to your assets when you die, along with any other provisions you may wish to make.

We will also discuss important considerations like planning for Inheritance Tax, using trusts to protect your family’s property and care home fees.

Deciding To Instruct A Solicitor

You can’t rush the decision to give instructions for a will, so we will never put you on the spot. We encourage you to reflect on what we’ve discussed in our initial consultation before making any final decisions about your will’s content.

Making a Will is a considered process. It may be that you want to reflect on the options we have discussed together or talk these over with your family following our initial appointment. The purpose of the initial meeting is for us to listen and provide you with the advice you need to make decisions about the content of your Will.

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Drafting And Signing. Your Will

If you decide to make a will with Richard Nelson LLP, we will ask you to confirm your final instructions for its content. We will then prepare a draft document based on what you have told us, and send it to you along with a clear explanation of each clause. At this point, you can ask us to make any changes you require.

When the draft of your will is in its final version, we will prepare an engrossed (final) will for you to sign and oversee the signing process to ensure that it is validly executed.

Other Benefits Of Instructing A Solicitor

If you would like us to do so, we can also store your will securely and free of charge. We will provide you with copies of the final will if you choose this option.

Remember, one of the key benefits of working with an expert solicitor is the advice that we can offer throughout the process. You can come to us with questions or concerns at any point – no worry is too small.

Is Making A Will Expensive?

No. There is a charge for the service, but Richard Nelson LLP’s work is carried out at reasonable fixed fees, which you will be able to approve after the initial consultation. We firmly believe that our fees represent excellent value for money for the practical advice and help that you will receive from us. After all, working with an experienced solicitor ensures complete peace of mind for your family’s future.

Individuals Who Already Have A Will

Richard Nelson LLP also provides services to individuals who already have a will. We recommend that everyone reviews their Will every three to five years to ensure that the document is still fit for purpose in accordance with your circumstances and the present law.

We are always willing to review your will for free whether we drafted it or not. Changes in your circumstances and those of your beneficiaries, including marriages, deaths, births and property sales, may give you a reason to change something in your will

We’re here for the times when you find it difficult to decide how to change your will in response to your life events or changes in the law. We can advise you on the content of your will and recommend changes that better reflect your present situation.

Amending your will may require a new document or drafting a Codicil as an addendum to the existing will. We will help you to decide what is most appropriate and advise on any costs associated with the amendments.

What Our Will Solicitors Do

– Free initial consultation to ensure our advice is specific to your situation
– Production of draft will documents according to your instructions
– Clear explanation of each part of your will
– Preparation of engrossed will for you to sign
– Reviews of existing wills (recommended every 3 to 5 years) whether we drafted the original or not
– Amendments to existing wills
– Probate & estate administration
– Lasting Power of Attorney

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