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If you need help with any issues arising from a GDC registration application, Richard Nelson LLP‘s expert solicitors can provide advice. Read more about the application process below and fill out the form on this page if you want to get in touch.


The GDC Registrar maintains the Dentists Register and the Dental Care Professionals Register. The GDC checks those who apply for registration to make sure that they have an appropriate qualification, are of good character and are physically and mentally fit for the GDC register.

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Being honest and open when providing information during the GDC registration process is important. A failure to do this is likely to lead to an allegation of dishonest conduct.

If you have a criminal conviction or caution, or you have had a previous fitness to practise investigation at university, or with another regulator, it is likely you will need to provide representations to the Registrar as to why your application for registration should be granted.

Our lawyers have experience in helping dentists with applications for GDC registration. We can make appropriate declarations relating to any relevant issues, setting out the circumstances and mitigation, with a view to persuading the GDC that you are fit for the register.

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Registration Appeals Committee

If an application for GDC registration is refused, it may be able to appeal this decision to the GDC Registration Appeals Committee. The dentist or dental professional will need to serve a notice of appeal, together with a statement of the grounds of appeal and any relevant documentation to be relied on at the hearing.

The GDC Registration Appeals Committee has the powers to grant or refuse GDC registration. The applicant has a right to be legally represented in an appeal hearing.

Richard Nelson LLP’s solicitors have experience in assisting dental professionals in relation to their application for GDC registration. They can advise you on the most appropriate way to respond to any queries raised by the GDC.

Our lawyers have a particular niche speciality in advising dental professionals if they are in a position to rely on EC rights to assist them with gaining GDC registration.

This process is not to be confused with GDC appeals lodged in the High Court, which are concerned with the outcome of a disciplinary investigation.

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