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We have set out below our average fixed fees for various types of immigration applications. We offer fixed fees where appropriate, as we appreciate that clients prefer the certainty of a fixed fee.

Our fixed fees include:

  • Meeting you (either face to face, virtually or by telephone) to advise you on your eligibility for an application and your best option;
  • Completing the application together with a covering letter detailing our legal submissions to support your application;
  • Advising you on what supporting documentation that you need to collate to support your application;
  • Submitting your application and advising you on the outcome.

Please note that our fixed fees do not include preparing an appeal, which if relevant, is something we can advise you about the cost of, which will depend on the nature of your case.

We pride ourselves on our transparency with clients and so will advise you from the outset regarding our fees for your particular case and if that situation changes, we will be clear with you about the reasons for any change.

Our fees set out below are exclusive of VAT, so VAT will need to be added where appropriate. As these are average fees, please note the following examples of circumstances which may require us to charge a higher fee:

  • Unusually large volumes of supporting documentation;
  • The urgency of your application;
  • Involvement of any criminal matter;
  • If you have previously had an immigration application refused;
  • If you do not meet the eligibly criteria;
  • Your sponsor is self-employed;
  • Various changes in instructions from the client.

Our average fees for applications are as follows.

Spouse/Partner visa – inside of the UK£2500 plus £800 for each extra dependent
Spouse/Partner visa – outside of the UK£3000 plus £800 for each extra dependent
Spouse/Partner visa extension£2000
UK Spouse/Partner – applying to live in the UK with indefinite leave to remain£2500
Child Dependent Visa – For a child to join you in the UK£2500
Parent of a child Visa – applying to live in UK as a parent of a child here£2500
Adult Dependent Relative Visa – applying for a dependant adult to live with you in the UK.£2500
Long residence application – Applying to live in the UK due to your long residence.£2500
Indefinite leave to remain – Applying to live in the UK due to 10 years of lawful residence in the UK.£2500
British Citizenship (Naturalisation)£2500
EU settled status or EU residence documentation£800
UK Visit Visa – Applying to visit the UK.£1800
Student Visa – Applying to be allowed to study in the UK.£2000
Work Visa£2500


Please note that if you prefer to have an initial meeting with us to assist you to decide whether you wish to instruct us and on what basis, we do not offer this for free, but offer initial meetings for a discounted fixed fee of £200 plus VAT, totalling £240, for a meeting, or telephone call, for up to 45 minutes.

The fees above do not include disbursements, which are fees that we have to pay on your behalf to third parties. These will be charged in addition to our fees, as we have no control over the cost of these. Common examples of disbursements include:

  • Home Office fees to make the application, for Immigration Health Surcharge and/or for Biometric Information. These vary depending on the type of application being made. We can advise you of the appropriate fee to your case.
  • Official interpretation fees. These may vary depending on the amount of documentation requiring translation and the language involved.
  • Expert witness fees.

Details of our immigration solicitors, their qualifications and experience can be found on the people section of our website.