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If a dentist or dental professional has been erased as a result of GDC fitness to practise proceedings, then after a period of 5 years a GDC restoration application can be made for registration to the regulatory body. However, this is far from being a simple administrative process.

GDC Professional Conduct Committee hearing

GDC restoration applications are made to the GDC Registrar but are considered by the GDC’s Professional Conduct Committee at a full hearing. At the hearing, the GDC will be legally represented and you can expect them to resist your application for restoration. For an application to be successful, the dentist will need to persuade the Committee that they are now fit to practise.

The dentist will need to address the GDC’s concerns which led to the original erasure decision and evidence remorse, insight and remediation. They will need to evidence what they have been doing since they were erased. It will also be essential to demonstrate that their professional training and development is up to date and ideally has been maintained during the period of erasure and not just in a burst of activity in the run-up to the restoration application.

If the application for GDC restoration is unsuccessful, the dentist cannot make a fresh application for at least 12 months.

Importance of legal representation in GDC restoration

GDC restoration hearings are difficult. It is advisable to get legal advice on the merits of your application and for advice about what sort of evidence it will be necessary to collate, to demonstrate remorse, insight and remediation in your specific circumstances. Ideally, you will also be legally represented at the hearing.

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We will give you realistic and pragmatic advice about your potential application for GDC restoration, to enable you to make an informed decision about your best way forward. We will also assist you to plan for the GDC restoration hearing, putting the right strategy in place, to give you the best possible prospect of successfully being restored to the GDC’s register.

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