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Making a Will is important to every person as it ensures your wishes will be followed upon your death. Without a Will the rules of intestacy dictate who will inherit upon a person’s death and these may not be in accordance with your wishes. It is also important if you already have a Will that it is kept under review as circumstances can change in a person’s life, such as getting married, having children or getting divorced.

We offer a full range of services including drafting of wills and the administration of estates, as well as working alongside accountants and financial advisers in order to assist with dealing with financial affairs.

When it comes to obtaining a grant of probate and the administration of estates we provide a sympathetic approach to help everyone for whom it will be a difficult period. We appreciate it’s essential to deal with these matters in an efficient and professional manner.

Court of Protection

Our solicitors can help you in instances where a Deputy has been appointed or needs to be appointed for someone who does not have the capacity to make a decision regarding Power of Attorney. We can make an application for your appointment or the appointment of someone close to you, help you to object to the appointment of a different Deputy, or offer assistance on any other matters pertaining to the Court of Protection.

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What we do...

We deal both with estates where the deceased left a Will and also where the deceased didn’t make a Will, which is known as intestacy. We will arrange for the assets and liabilities within the estate to be valued and if necessary we’ll complete the relevant Inheritance Tax forms. We will also arrange for the application for grant of probate or letters of administration and deal with lodging copies with the relevant organisations in order to obtain any assets within the estate.

We are able to advise on issues relating to lasting powers of attorney (LPA). An LPA can cover either property and financial affairs or health and welfare. It is also possible to have an LPA which covers both.

An LPA is normally granted in order to cover the situation where somebody has either lost their mental capacity or they wish to provide for that possibility in the future. It is also commonly used in the situation where somebody wishes to authorise another person to deal with affairs on their behalf perhaps for convenience.

These matters can be sensitive and we offer sympathetic advice and guidance so that these matters are handled in a professional manner with the minimum of inconvenience.

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